Friday, October 23, 2009

Hot, Dirty, Beautiful

The first couple days in India definitely took some getting used to. All three of us fell victim to sunstroke to some degree and the food doesn't always play nice. I think I'm fairing the best in that department.

The cities are intensely busy. It's a constant struggle vying for a spot in the compressed streets where you won't get run over by a rickshaw, motorbike or bus. In Trichy, even at two in the morning it was ridiculously active. All night long you could here the relentless sounds of traffic people, and car horns. Garbage is strewn everywhere and street touts constantly hound you. Just when you're starting to think, "Why the hell did I come here?" You have a cup of chai, see the Sri Meenakshi Temple or a complete stranger with very little english helps you when you are completely lost.

Hot, dirty, beautiful........


  1. Please advise as to your pooping habits. I would like to keep a journal.

  2. I'll just send you a PDF of my BM journal.